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Vintage Cool Things

Our story is some what common in corporate America these days. College educated, well paid and all the benefits. Then one day it happened, our jobs were eliminated. Actually the positions were outsourced to another country for younger and much lessor wages. So the decision was made for us to seek another career path, but what do we do now?

The thing that stuck in our minds most, gave us the most excitement and seemed to be a wide open opportunity was that of online sales. Debbie had already created some websites connected with her heart surgery and another about being brave while facing the fears of everyday challenges. David was more of the deal maker involved with building a portfolio of rental properties. Both were personal endeavors we had a passion for and we tried to use those same skills and strengths to pursue our new dream.

So, we started by buying and selling items in a variety of venues. The first large purchase was at an auction from a school district cleaning out at the end of a year. Then we expanded into vintage items with the acquisition of all the inventory from an antique store in the small town of Blanket, TX where the owner had decided to pursue a new path. Along with many more interesting finds, we found we really enjoyed vintage items most, the history, the uniqueness of items actually made in the USA and the chase as we felt like we were on a treasure hunt every day, that is how Vintage Cool Things was born.

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